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Ability and Talent Improving Private School started to operate in September 1991. When we founded our school, we had two goals in mind: on one hand to ensure an education for talented pupils by helping them develop their talent, and on the other hand to help disadvantaged children and children with learning difficulties to catch up and learn the syllabus by providing them extra tutoring and remedial teaching.


Our motto is that each and every child is talented in something! Our task is to find the signs of talent, support them in developing their strong side, evolving their abilities to become talents. To achieve this goal, in our secondary school we specialize in drama and fine arts. In our Arts School we provide lessons in all four branches of art. We think that from this wide choice every student can choose what they are the most interested in, and what can make them successful.


In order to be able to work with our students the best way, our colleagues regularly take part in different in-service trainings, get certificates. We use every tool available to help our students improve their abilities, being trainings, special projects or competitions.


Our talented students have won or achieved well in several renowned international and national competitions. We have some especially talented students in all branches of art. Our most recent result was achieved by one of our ballet students in St. Petersburg; our modern dancers won first and second prize in the national competition.


The Arts School has been a part of our school since 2001. Since then it has become an essential part of the cultural life of our town, our county and our region. We have had two outstanding performances, seen by thousands of children and adults: The Jungle Book and The Attic.

The International David Popper Cello Competitions is also organised by us, in 2015 we had the honour to hold the 6th competition.


Our folk dancers play a really important role in keeping and presenting our traditions. Their programmes are related to our national holidays and traditions.  For example, they hold potato festivals, play witches on Luca Day (13 December – an old Hungarian tradition about witches and telling the future for the next year), have traditional Easter sprinkling, going around the town on wagons with buckets of water. Our fine artists have different exhibitions in the town.


The success of our talent improving is shown by the fact that several of our students choose arts as their profession, they go on with their studies in universities of arts, or they are members or organisers of amateur art groups.



In our talent programme we cooperate with several institutions of arts teaching, Talent Points.; we have taken part in several applications and programmes with them. We have also organised a conference on Talent Improving in March 2014. We would like to widen this network. We would like to share our “good practice”, our experience and expertise with them.


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