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What can you learn here?


Our school awaits applicants for the secondary school in the following fields of training in the schoolyear 2016/2017.


I.                    Secondary Grammar School


Secondary Grammar School – 4 grades

 (for those who have finished the 8th class)

01 specialising in English

02 specialising in visual arts and drawing

03 specialising in IT

04 specialising in drama

05 specialising in economy


II.     Secondary Grammar School for Students with a Vocation


A two-grade training preparing students for the final matura exam

(Only available for students with a certificate in a vocation)


III.               Vocational School – 3 grades

(for those who have finished the 8th class)

11 Shop assistant

12 Pastry cook

13 Waiter

14 Cook

15 Computer mender



 Basic information about us


*     we have started our 25th schoolyear

*     our school has 13 grades

*     the number of students in a class is low

*     in the junior section pupils stay at school until 4 o’clock

*     our pedagogical program is based on Worth Transmitting and Ability Developing Pedagogy

*     our most important task is to adjust our teaching to the ability, talent and development of our students, providing them with private improvement, closing-up and talent programmes

*     children take part in arts training as part of the curriculum; they can learn music, acting, fine arts and dance

*     after finishing elementary school our pupils can go on with their studies in our secondary grammar school or vocational school


Our achievements



*     our students come to school with pleasure

*     they are open for new information

*     they like studying

*     they try to do their best according to their abilities

*     their behaviour, speaking culture is in accordance with the expectations of the school

*     they are successful in going on with their studies

*     they have good results in different kinds of competitions

*     we have a good and strong relationship with parents

*     our work is based on mutual respect

*     our school puts a big emphasis on the conditions of teaching and the continuous enhancing of the standard of the teaching



Talent Point



*     Our school is an accredited excellent talent point.

*     In our teaching we would like to help students talented either in science or arts subjects or in arts.

*     We have to take our local capabilities into consideration, thus we do not only aim to have palpable achievements, products, but also we aim to improve the right point of view, to be fastidious and to show the children some elements of the methodology of research.

*     In our school we teach arts as well, thus we support artistic talent – if necessary we also provide trainings outside the school.




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